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Hello everyone.
I am blogging for more than a year and in this time i have realised that a good images can reach to more and more people of interest.
We all know that an image explains more than a word so it’s very important for you to use appropriate image for the post.
But at the same time it’s important that the images that you are using are royalty free. provides you thousands of images, vector, video or anything you need for your blog or project without worrying about the licencing of the content.

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Good news is that you can also become contributer on Shutterstock, use following link to become a contributor and start earning by your photographs or video.

Or use following link to download images or video for your project.

So what are you waiting for, just use great images for your blog and make it viral.

Thanks for the reading.

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Never Old, Never Fail

You are never old to be successful.

What stops you, is just you. Never give up on trying something new, you never know when a new star is rising.

You never get success if you don’t try for it, and there’s no age limit for anything so you are never old and never fail.

Always young, always successful

Time heals everything

Don’t worry about what is going today, if it is unpleasant thing or something you don’t like, it will go after sometime.

Because time heals everything. Everything settles down as the time goes on. And time is a great teacher. It teaches you many things that an university can’t.

Your time will come.

– Bhautik Andhariya



It is the only thing that keeps you alive.

Never loose hope, and always remember that you can do it.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Let’s Do it

Let’s make your blog look beautiful

Hello every one,

It’s great to announce that this blog has now 100 followers, I know its not a big number but for me, it’s like a million. So thank you, everyone, for being part of this blog and make me inspired to write new things every time.

On this occasion, I would like to introduce a new service here and that is Graphic and logo design for your blog.

We all know that a good graphic makes a good impression on a reader and catches more attention. I will help you to design a logo for your blog or design a post that grabs more and more viewers because the first impression matters most.

5$ for Logo For Blog, and Blog Post Design.

Here I am attaching my Fiverr link so you guys can easily contact me.

Share it with your friends and co-blogger and let their blog become viral.

Logo/Post Design For My Blog | Fiverr

Logo Design Sample
Logo Design Sample

Click on the link or contact me here about your requirement.

Logo/Post Design For My Blog | Fiverr

I will do it just for 5$.

Please Share this on your blog to get a discount 🙂

She is Stronger

She is Brave.
She shows Courage against any Problems, Situations and People.
She takes harder decisions which men can not take sometimes.

Celebrating this women’s day by not only showing respect to them but also by being a real man.

Happy women’s day 2019

-Bhautik Andhariya

Push your limits

Push your limits, not excuses.

Become confident and believe in yourself that you can do anything you want. Everything is in mind so never under estimate yourself.

– Bhautik Andhariya

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