live like there’s no tomorrow

We have only one life to live, So why should we worry about our past or future?
TODAY is the most valuable asset we could have.
So Enjoy today even if it is good or bad.
Live life today, neither in yesterday nor in tomorrow, Because we can’t change past and can’t predict the future.

live as if there is no tomorrow
– Bhautik Andhariya


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Self Motivation

If you ever feel lost or demotivated,
Take Courage, Stand against it and set your mind to overcome the situation.

The best solution to such situations is self motivation.

You don’t have to depend on anyone if you give courage to yourself and see what happens next.

Motivation will solve one problem, but self motivation will solve any problem.

– Bhautik Andhariya

New Morning, New Opportunities

New morning comes with new opportunities and new chance for you to grab it.
Don’t worry if you couldn’t do it yesterday, because today is new day and try new way to achieve your goals.

Everyday is an opportunity so don’t waste it.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Impossible to I Make Possible

Your chance of winning depends on from Impossible to I Make Possible.

Everything become easy when you make efforts to do it, our mind is capable of going so far.

Only stop is our how far we want to go.

So apply your efforts to anything and you get success at the end, and if not try again.

It’s like

Try – Failed – Repeat – Success

If you experience failure then and only you know the feeling of success otherwise not.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Conquer The World

Remember that you have power to conquer the world.
You can achieve anything if you decide to do that.
Power lies within your mind.

Your mind is your weapon against anything.

Bhautik Andhariya

Gold or Illusion?

Gold is gold, or an illusion?

Everything we see isn’t always the thing that our eye sees. It may be something else.

Photo By
Bhautik Andhariya

Art of Business

Art is everywhere around you, if you connect yourself with an art life becomes easy. Find art in everything.

Don’t make business of art, But make art of business.

-Bhautik Andhariya

Smile : Secret of Success

Secret of being successful is to keep smiling all time. All your problems will be solved just by a happy face.

Success starts with a smile. So smile everyday and be successful everyday.

-Bhautik Andhariya

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