The ocean of love

Falling in love is like finding the most precious treasure in the world, and to do that you have to dive in the ocean of love.

– Bhautik Andhariya



To win the race of future,

You are loosing your present.

– Bhautik Andhariya


When you miss an opportunity,Just don’t worry, another better one is waiting for you to explore.

Never give up.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Greed is good

We know that everyone in this world have greed at some point.
Greed is good if it keeps you growing and helps you at some stage.
The greed of knowledge will always help you to grow in your life.
It’s sure that you will not loose anything but gain something new everytime you look for it.

Be greedy.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Ray of hope

When you find all lost, nothing seems correct around you, feel broken inside,
Don’t loose hope.
No matter how hard the situation is, don’t stop putting your efforts. If you determine to conquer your weakness you will find a ray of hope.

A ray that will lead you from the darkness to the light of success.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Secret of happiness

Secret of being happy is to find the happiness in other’s happiness.

Sometimes, you get goosebumps by seeing or making othets happy.

Be the reason to someone’s happiness.

-Bhautik Andhariya

100 posts, many thanks

100 days,
100 posts,
Many emotions,
60+ subscribers,
2100+ views,
Many countries,
Many thanks for everything.

My readers are my strength, thanks everyone for this.

-Bhautik Andhariya

The special one

Yes you can’t understand anything when you are in love. You can only see the one person, only think for that one person. You don’t even care about yourself. Whatever is good fot that person is matter to you. Their happiness is your, their caring is your, their life is your life. Sometimes it becomes a strong reason of you to come to this life.

The special one, the one who make your special.

-Bhautik Andhariya

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