Someone Special

You feel alone between the crowd,
You miss their absence in public,
You always talk with her even if she isn’t there,
You shares every secret with her,
You find ways to make her happy,
Your happiness is her smile,
And you never want to see her sad,

Her presence makes your day,
And you see nothing except her when you are with her,
You spend hours of time together and still that’s not enough always,
When you find the whole world in her eyes,
And when she is away you feel lost in this vast world.

When you realise that her heartbeats are the best sound to listen, She is the One.
She is special for you.

Never ever let her go and make her happy always.
– Bhautik Andhariya


I M Possible

Tell me it’s impossible,
And i will do it.

We all are strong enough to do every task, never think that you can’t.
You can if no one can, actually you must.

Take it as a challenge if someone stop you by saying it’s impossible to do, it’s the right time to prove them wrong.

– Bhautik Andhariya

The ocean of love

Falling in love is like finding the most precious treasure in the world, and to do that you have to dive in the ocean of love.

– Bhautik Andhariya


To win the race of future,

You are loosing your present.

– Bhautik Andhariya


When you miss an opportunity,Just don’t worry, another better one is waiting for you to explore.

Never give up.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Greed is good

We know that everyone in this world have greed at some point.
Greed is good if it keeps you growing and helps you at some stage.
The greed of knowledge will always help you to grow in your life.
It’s sure that you will not loose anything but gain something new everytime you look for it.

Be greedy.

– Bhautik Andhariya

Ray of hope

When you find all lost, nothing seems correct around you, feel broken inside,
Don’t loose hope.
No matter how hard the situation is, don’t stop putting your efforts. If you determine to conquer your weakness you will find a ray of hope.

A ray that will lead you from the darkness to the light of success.

– Bhautik Andhariya

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