Imagination Extension

Hello everyone, this is new section of this blog. I am kind of creative person and sometimes I see the things differently than it actually looks like in my mind.

So as a fun part and just to play with your mind, i have got an idea about changing the way you look the things around you.

So in this category of post, i will upload a picture of anything and than write down what i imagine about it.
Like, Share and comment down what you imagine when you see this image.

Blowup Your Imagination

Day : 1

Blowup your Imagination Day : 1

Blowup your Imagination Day : 1

Comments down what you think it is but in a creative manner.

For example the photo is of an old bus, but as a creative mind you can imagine it as an old time machine which is out of an order, or anything else whatever you imagine.

Ping back, share or comments down here and let’s see how creative are the people around us.

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